Since 2019 we have been building a strong partnership with Beyond Housing who provide housing and support services to people suffering the devastating impacts of housing insecurity.

Below are some quotes from people we have helped to house.

I’ve already made great friends with neighbours in the other units. What a great bunch of people and what a beautiful home it is. I feel lucky to be here and to know I can stay forever.


Because I got this home, and where it’s located I can pick up more shifts at work. I know I am coming home to somewhere that’s mine, that my stuff is not going to get stolen while I’m out. It’s private and quiet, that’s what I really wanted more than anything.


I still don’t think I deserve this home more than anyone else, but I cant say thank you enough for it. It has given me quality of life back and peace of mind. We’ve made a close knit little community who look out for each other.


Marilyn (71) is the primary carer for Michael (72) who has significant health issues including mobility. They were renting privately when the Landlord increased the rent significantly making it unaffordable to stay, whilst also denying a request for minor modifications to the property to assist Michael with his mobility. They were on the priority waitlist for housing.

Beyond Housing about Marilyn and Michael

Stories are shared with permission from clients/renters and BeyondHousing.
*Names and images have been changed to protect the privacy and safety of individuals