Written Applications

Following a successful preliminary email enquiry, some organisations may be requested to complete a more in-depth written grant application. Submission of a written grant application does not guarantee funding.

We aim to be of assistance to grant seekers during the preparation of their application and encourage organisations to contact us with any queries they may have. In conducting due diligence and preparing requests for consideration by the Board, the Foundation may contact grant seekers to work through any concerns or questions and may also request meetings or site visits. We are grateful for grant seekers’ cooperation and patience and appreciate open communication throughout this process.

Preparing your Application

When preparing your application please provide a detailed outline of your proposal. This could include, but is not limited to: What is needed and why, who will benefit, timeframes, how project will be executed, other collaborative partners involved, expected outcomes and how these outcomes will be measured. Please ensure you also include a detailed budget of your project.

You will also need to submit your organisations current ATO endorsement as a Deductable Gift Recipient and Tax Concession Charity. Please also supply copies of Annual Reports with latest audited Financial Statements.


  • I have contacted the P&LW Foundation to discuss my request
  • P&LW Foundation have contacted me to request a Written Application

Prior to submitting your Written Application please ensure you have included the following:

  • Written Grant Application (either Word document or PDF)
  • ATO TCC Endorsement
  • ATO DGR Endorsement
  • Copy of latest Annual Report with audited financial statements.