Our Projects

The First 10 Years

The Foundation was endorsed as a Tax Concession Charity on 17.02.06 and at 30.06.06 had net assets of $221,000. In the following year, ended 30.06.07 the donation received from Peter and Lyndy White was $20 million. In that year the Foundation distributed $1.25 million to deductible gift recipients. Over the next eight years the asset base continually grew and on 30.06.16 we received a further donation of $38 million which increased the trust funds to just on $98 million. Since inception the Foundation has distributed just under $21 million to Australian charities.

Some of the major projects we have supported are:

WINTRINGHAM.   Total funding $7.75M
2009 – $270,000 towards Wintringham’s Jack Gash House.
Eighteen one-bedroom independent living units have been built around the perimeter of Wintringham’s Ron Conn Nursing Home at 33 Westminster Drive, Avondale Heights.

2014 – $7.5M to purchase Gilgunya Village in Coburg.
Consisting of 51 single bed units and 12 two bedroom independent living units together with supporting facilities.

WAYSS.   Total Funding $3.5M
2013 – $1.8M towards the purchase of three 2-bedroom units and two 3-bedroom houses.
These properties have predominately been used for women and children escaping domestic violence. Currently they house 5 adults and 11 children. Since 2013, these properties have provided refuge for 11 women and 24 children.

2016 – $1,717,818 for the purchase of six single-bedroom units for single women, majority escaping domestic violence.

BERRY STREET.   Total Funding $1.65M
2011 – $1.65M for Footscray property with 9 bedrooms each with ensuite, two communal kitchens, a laundry and an office. Aimed at young people (aged 16 – 25) who are at risk of homelessness after leaving the care system. At the property Berry St ran the GOALS (Going Out and Living Successfully) program that, as of June 2016, had seen 29 young people complete the program.

2007/14 – $1.65M for research into Prostate Cancer.

SACRED HEART MISSION.   Total Funding $1.75M
2009 – $1M for the establishment of The Sacred Heart Mission Foundation
2009/11 – $750,000 for Journey to Social Inclusion Pilot program and study.

2012 – $500,000 for the delivery of 10 new studios to various locations across Victoria.

THE ALFRED FOUNDATION.   Total Funding $633,000
2010 – $212,000 for the Jackson Spinal Table for orthopaedic Surgery
2012 – $421,000 for a 3D11 XRay Machine to allow surgeons to x-ray patients whilst still in surgery.

ST VINCENT’S HOSPITAL.   Total Funding $555,000
2010 – $500,000 towards the redevelopment of the St Vincent’s Cancer Centre
2013 – $55,000 towards Home Dialysis Unit

2011/13 $250,000 towards their Mum’s and Bub’s program.
A program providing support for young mums in the Cardinia Shire who are homeless or at risk.

2009/15 $230,000 for their youth rehabilitation program Tandana Place.
Tandana Place was Victoria’s only drug detoxification program for children under 16.

In 2016/17 we funded the $5.05M purchase of Angus Martin House for Wintringham Aged Care,
this is a 44 bed Supported Residential Service (SRS) in Frankston which should be operational early 2017.
This will bring our total donations to Wintringham up to $12.8M.