Application Process

Please read and follow our Application process carefully.

Every year, the Peter & Lyndy White Foundation supports several charitable organisations throughout Victoria. The Foundation requires all grant applications to be submitted by 14th of April.

1. Read our funding guidelines to ensure eligibility and familiarise yourself with the Foundation’s funding priorities.

2. Contact Lucinda White via email with a brief outline of your funding request, you will be notified whether to proceed with a written application.

3. Written Applications: If requested by the Foundation, you will need to complete a written application detailing your project/request for funding.

We do not use a standardised application form, please read the Grants section for suggestions on what to include and a pre-submission checklist.

You will also need to supply copies of your Annual Reports with latest audited financial statements as well as copies of current ATO endorsements as a DGR & TCC. Please ensure applications are as concise as possible.

Preferred submission method for application is via email.

Our Grant application date closes on the 14th April. We will review your application and successful organisations will be notified prior to 30 June of that financial year.

4. Successful Applicants: The Foundation delivers grants by direct electronic payment into a nominated account with a financial institution.  Successful applicants will be asked to provide bank account details when they are advised of the success of their application. The Foundation requires a donation receipt upon payment of the grant. We may request grantee organisations complete a Grant Acquittal report within two months of completion of their project but generally we prefer to visit your organisation and, if possible, see first-hand the impact our grant has had. Grant recipients are expected to inform the Foundation of any major delays or changes to the project